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DLR Downloads - Campaign: The Huge Wars

About the Campaign

Name: The Huge Wars
Author: Stephen Hand
Released: 1999
Episodes: 10
File size: 1 MB (rar)
Click here to download The Huge Wars

Large, placid and peaceful, that's your average giant.

For years the smaller races have been encroaching on Giant territory. The worst offenders are the Elves. These pointy eared green-clad tree huggers consider any non-elf as barely worth feeding. Now the Elven Prince has assembled an army to finally wipe out the Giants of Etheria. They'll find us giants a little tougher than they expected...

Please note that The Huge Wars has a sequel by the name The Elves Return (by the same author).


1. Rightfully Ours
2. Breakthrough
3. Rebellion
4. Race to Utopia
5. Swamps of Death
6. Lancer's Citadel
7. Sink or Swim
8. Green Death
9. Caverns of Despair
10. Full Circle

About the Author

Needs to be filled out.


1.Download the Giants.rar file and with winrar unpack Giants.w3c to your default Warlords III: Darklords Rising directory, usually this can be found under /Program Files/Red Orb Zone/Warlords III - Darklords Rising.

2. Open the Warlords III Campaign Editor and unpack Giants.w3c.

3. Launch Darklords Rising, select Single Player game mode, and then New Campaign from the main menu. You will find the Campaign (The Huge Wars) under "Etheria".

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