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DLR Downloads - Scenario: Conquest of the Empire

About the Scenario

Name: Conquest of the Empire
Author: Uller
Released: ?
Size: 100 x 125
Sides: 6
Cities: 41
Sites: 24
Ruins: 0
File size: 126 KB (rar)
Click here to download Conquest of the Empire

This scenario is based on Milton Bradley's board game Conquest of the Empire from 1984. The roman emperor has just died and a fight for power ensues.

If you tilt your head to the right and look at the map you can see that it depicts the mediterranean region with Italy in the center.

Like the board game each side comes with an initial hero called the Caesar. If you lose your Caesar you are out of the game.

For that reason this game is meant to be played as a PBEM game with human opponents since the AI won't resign upon loss of the Caesar.

To simulate the board game as close as possible all sides have only non-spell casting heroes, very limited army sets and there are no items or ruins.


About the Author

Needs to be filled out.


1. Download the rar file and extract the COTE.w3s file to your DLR folder. It must be placed in the root.

2. Start the Scenario editor and unpack the COTE.w3s file.

3. Start the game, click New Scenario and select Conquest of the Empire from the Miscellaneous section. Pick a side and start playing!


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