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DLR Downloads - Campaign: Ephross Part 2

About the Campaign

Name: Ephross Part 2
Author: Spike Wyatt
Released: 1999
Episodes: 9
File size: 1.62 MB (rar)
Click here to download Ephross Part 2

Ephross Part 2 is the sequel to Ephross. Both campaigns have the same author. Ephross is the name of the fantasy world in which the action takes place.

Several months after the defeat of the Evil, by the Hurakan and their allies, Ephross was in a state of peace such as it had never known. However, in some places, the influence of Evil could still be felt. One of these places was the Toloi Empire. A society based on a feudal system, these honorable knights had never had problems, until the Evil permeated their society. Now these knightly types were in trouble. Something had to be done...


1. Unite the Homeland
2. Troglodytes!
3. Mountain Fortress
4. Coup d'Etat
5. Hunting Traitors
6. Alformont's Lands
7. Traitors Offspring
8. Island Life
9. The Guild

About the Author

Spike Wyatt is a DLR community profile from UK who - while he was still active - used to organize huge play by email tournaments for DLR.


1.Download the ephross2.rar file and with winrar unpack ephross2.w3c to your default Warlords III: Darklords Rising directory, usually this can be found under /Program Files/Red Orb Zone/Warlords III - Darklords Rising.

2. Open the Warlords III campaign editor and unpack ephross2.w3c.

3. Launch Darklords Rising, select Single Player game mode, and then New Campaign from the main menu. You will find the Campaign (Ephross Part 2) under "Miscellaneous".

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