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DLR Downloads - Scenario: Hexagon

About the Scenario

Name: Hexagon
Author: Zorro
Released: ?
Size: 128 x 160
Sides: 6
Cities: 73
Sites: 24
Ruins: 48
File size: 52 KB (rar)
Click here to download Hexagon

This scenario is a mirror map done in a Hexagon shape. Controlling the center part of the hexagon is the key to winning here.

Each side has an identical army set, cities, ruins, sites etc. The scenario comes loaded with custom items.


About the Author

Needs to be filled out.


1. Download the rar file and extract the Hexagon.w3s file to your DLR folder. It must be placed in the root.

2. Start the Scenario editor and unpack the Hexagon.w3s file.

3. Start the game, click New Scenario and select Hexagon from the Miscellaneous section. Pick a side and start playing!


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