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Warlords 3: DLR Downloads


DLR v. 1.02 patch (US)
DLR v. 1.02 patch (UK)
DLR v. 1.02 No-CD patch

Music & Sounds

Warlords 3 ROH OST by Steve Fawkner (MP3 format).
Warlords 3 DLR OST by Steve Fawkner (MP3 format)

Tools & Editors

Molotov's Ultimate Editor - Updated 09/24/11
Warlords 3 Tools
Molotov's Unit Editor
Mythlord's DLR Tools
SSG's Warlords 3 Editor

Hero & Unit Packs

Crazy Horse's "X" Heroes
Hydro Heroes
Hydro Units
K4 Heroes (v. 1.3)
Molotov Cocktail Units
Nuts - Hero Files
Nuts - Army Files
Nuts - Spell Files
Nuts - .wav Files
Nuts - Stats
Partisan Pack Units
Stormheim Units
Troll's Updated Stormheim Units


Dead God's Staff
Ephross Part 2
Land of Realms
Legion of Blood
Paths of Wisdom
Lord of the Rings
Reign of Death - Added 04/06/13
The Elves Return
The First Humans
The Huge Wars

Warlords Card Game Images

Warlords Card Game images

Custom Scenarios















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