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DLR Downloads - Campaign: The Land of Realms

About the Campaign

Name: The Land of Realms
Author: Noodle
Released: 1999
Episodes: 9
File size: 471 KB (rar)
Click here to download The Land of Realms

It is unknown for how long the 10 gods quarrelled before they found the struggled world. Many times one of them was on the brink of destruction but the Wise One always intervened.  He was the older god and the others were a reflexion of the chaos within Him. Then they saw the battle, almost unending, between two races. A powerful race of giant lizards with towering strength and a race of small warring barbarians whose only ability was of adaptation... Where the dragons would conquer by strenght, the humans would by wit and numbers... The Wise One asked of his nine warring infants to each choose a kid and make them a gift... It is time for Me to rest, He said, so the war shall be for these humans to fight, while I regain strength ...


1. abbaye
2. DarkWood
3. The LowMoss Complex
4. EtherLand
5. Tower of Iron Will
6. The Return
7. Defending the Abbaye
8. GrayMist's HideOut
9. Ashes to Ashes

About the Author

Needs to be filled out.


1.Download the file and unzip Lores.w3c to your default Warlords III: Darklords Rising directory, usually this can be found under /Program Files/Red Orb Zone/Warlords III - Darklords Rising.

2. Open the Warlords III Campaign Editor and unpack Lores.w3c.

3. Launch Darklords Rising, select Single Player game mode, and then New Campaign from the main menu. You will find the Campaign (TheLores) under "Miscellaneous".

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