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Warlords 4 Downloads - Scenario: Battle of Gilthos

About the Scenario

Name: Battle of Gilthos
Author: Andreas Zerndl
Released: 2005
Size: 128 x 160
Sides: 8
Cities: 70
Sites: 45
Ruins: 45
File size: 36 KB (zip)
Click here to download The Battle of Gilthos

- Huge 8 player map

- Different events for all sides.

- Different turn events for each side on turn 5, 15 and 25

- 10 different city events (on capture) per side

- 2 different quest events for each side (including city and ruin capture events)

- Custom ruins

About the Author

Needs to be filled out.


1. Download the zip file and extract the files to your Warlords IV/Scenario folder.

2. Start the game, click Skirmish and select Battle of Gilthos from the scenario list. Pick a side and start playing!


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