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Warlords 4 Downloads - Campaign: Amthor's Revenge

About the Campaign

Name: Amthor's Revenge
Author: Sil Tatener
Released: 2008
Episodes: 10
File size: 100KB (zip)
Click here to download Amthor's Revenge

Dark shadows lie over the kingdom of Uthnag.

Amthor the youngest son of the old family Uthnag has fled deep into the mountains
from his enemies. But the time has come to throw back the shadows on them.

This is a small linear campaign with ten maps.
You lead the Warlord Amthor of Uthnag.

Note: This campaign was included with Patch 1.05 but the Warlord was missing.

About the Author

Needs to be filled out.


1. Download the Amthor.rar file to your default Warlords IV directory.

2. Unzip and place the AmthorWAR.rar file in the Warlords directory, the AmthorSCN.rar file in the Scenario directory and the AmthorEVT.rar in the English directory.

3. Unzip AmthorWAR.rar, AmthorSCN.rar and AmthorEVT.rar into their respective directories.

4. Launch Warlords IV, select Skirmish and start with Amthor01. Use the Warlord 'Amthor'.

Note: You have to play this campaign as a set of connected scenarios one after another
rather than starting a campaign because Warlords IV only allows 1 campaign.

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